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LS SPA & MASSAGE (Ngau Tau Kok/Kwun Tong Branches)

103 Review Sold 182K+ P.P.$382.8
Available for booking at 17:45

Online Payment + On-site Payment:Credit Card (3% extra charge),Cash,Payme,FPS
Free Cancellation (Before 4 hours free cancellation)
The good news is you can cancel your reservation for free 4 hours prior to your service, without any service charge / handling fee.
Pay attention!Appointment cannot be cancelled within 4 hours due to shop has made the arrangements. Also booking cancellation will not be refunded.
Open Now: 11:00-22:00
Flat 711, 7/F, Ricky Centre, 36 Chong Yip Street, Ngau Tau Kok, Kowloon
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LS SPA & MASSAGE (Ngau Tau Kok/Kwun Tong Branches) Booking

Limited-time: Mon -Thu 11:15 - 16:30

4 item

Chinese Acupressure Massage

50 Mins
$ 228.0 Up

Aroma Oil Massage

50 Mins
$ 238.0 Up

Lymphatic Massage

50 Mins
$ 248.0 Up

Magnetic Fork Massage

50 Mins
$ 338.0 Up

1st Trial

5 item

Chinese Acupressure Massage 2parts (First Trial Only)

90 Mins
$ 398.0

Aroma Oil Massage 2parts (First Trial Only)

90 Mins
$ 458.0

Lymphatic Massage (First Trial Only)

50 Mins
$ 258.0

Magnetic Fork Massage (First Trial Only)

50 Mins
$ 348.0

面部徒手美雕 (First Trial Only)

40 Mins
$ 598.0

Special Offers

6 item

Upper Body Massage + Foot Massage

65 Mins
$ 278.0

Foot Massage + Foot Steaming Relaxation

90 Mins
$ 298.0

Lymphatic Massage + Foot Steaming Relaxation

90 Mins
$ 388.0

Foot Massage + Aroma Oil Massage

100 Mins
$ 428.0

Four Hands Aroma Oil Massage

50 Mins
$ 498.0

LS Signature Massage - Aroma Oil Massage + Foot Massage

150 Mins
$ 668.0


8 item

Upper Body Massage

15 Mins
$ 98.0

Foot Steaming Relaxation

40 Mins
$ 168.0

Foot Massage

50 Mins
$ 198.0

Hot Stone Massage

50 Mins
$ 298.0

Pain Treatment

50 Mins
$ 338.0

Facial Massage

50 Mins
$ 398.0

Bioelectric Massage

50 Mins
$ 748.0


40 Mins
$ 1,388.0


7 item


20 Mins
$ 198.0


20 Mins
$ 198.0

Ear Candling

20 Mins
$ 198.0

Navel Candling

20 Mins
$ 198.0

Ear Cleaning

30 Mins
$ 238.0


30 Mins
$ 238.0

Premium Ear Treatment

50 Mins
$ 398.0

Extra Services

*Main services must be chosen first in order to add extra services

Cupping (20mins)
Scraping (20mins)
Ear Candling (20mins)
Navel Candling (20mins)
Ear Cleaning (30mins)
Pedicure (30mins)
Service details

LS SPA & MASSAGE (Ngau Tau Kok/Kwun Tong Branches) Intro

寧心軒 LS SPA & MASSAGE觀塘 專業按摩店技師經驗豐富 細心照顧客人需要 一流的服務環境舒適 心曠神怡的按摩享受寧心軒 於觀塘開業多年,一直以來都得到所有客人一致的好評,每一次的貼心服務都讓他們帶著滿足離開。最近,更開了另一家新分店於牛頭角,在地鐵站步行前往僅數分鐘路程,地點非常便利,最適合下班後或三五知己飯後,一同前往享受按摩服務。裝潢舒適典雅 技師經驗豐富甫一踏入寧心軒 就能感受到店主的用心佈置,裝潢的色調舒適溫馨,而且會播放一些輕鬆的音樂,希望每位客人都可以在這裡放鬆地享受按摩服務。雖然沒有十分奢華的裝潢,但每一個小擺設及色調的配置都突顯了店主滿滿的心思。除了在環境上花心思,寧心軒 更嚴格挑選了經驗豐富的技師為客人服務,幾乎每位客人都會對技師的手勢讚不絕口,讓他們繃緊及疲勞的身軀在寧心軒 舒緩了不少。他們都能感受到技師的用心,會特別在客人酸痛的位置加大力度或因應客人的要求調整力度及位置,務求讓客人的身心都能放鬆下來,舒緩都市人的疲累。獨立按摩房間 靈活安排單雙人房寧心軒 十分重視每位客人的私隱,為滿足不同客人的要求,無論是想獨自享受私人時光,還是想與親朋好友分享快樂,寧心軒 均設有單人及雙人按摩房,可靈活安排,客人可於私人空間內盡享技師專業及細心的按摩服務,讓疲勞盡消!

LS SPA & MASSAGE (Ngau Tau Kok/Kwun Tong Branches) Notice

Confirmation details

  • You can check the order details in the "Order" of the BookFun App instantly after booking confirmed
  • At the same time, you will receive a confirmation email if you entered the email. It might appear in your Spam folder
  • In the event that you do not receive an email from us or there is no record in App, you can contact us by email ([email protected]) or customer service channel or Whatsapp

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Cancel/Change your bookings

  • Shop booking page has listed free cancellation time, you can cancel the appointment in the order details page within the specified time. The used coupon code / B-Dollar / points will be refunded to your account immediately
  • After the expiry of the free cancellation time, the order will not be refunded or changed because the shop has reserved the service for you
  • If the booking paid by credit card, we will notify the payment institution to arrange a refund immediately after the appointment is cancelled. It takes about 5-14 working days for the bank to process the application , the exact amount of money will be refunded to your credit card account directly. You can pay attention to the record of the monthly credit card statement later
  • If Hong Kong Observatory issues typhoon signal No. 8 or above, or black rainstorm warning, a postponement or refund can be arranged
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