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Service area
Tsim Sha Tsui
Service area
Tsim Sha Tsui

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Sold 2192 HKD$301-$600
Available for booking on 17/06

On-site Payment:Cash
Free Cancellation (Before 1 hour free cancellation)
The good news is you can cancel your reservation for free 1 hour prior to your service, without any service charge / handling fee.
Pay attention!Appointment cannot be cancelled within 1 hour due to shop has made the arrangements. Also booking cancellation will not be refunded.
Closed Today
Room 703, 7/F, Carnarvon Plaza, 20 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
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TONYBLACK位於尖沙咀 裝潢典雅舒適美容師經驗豐富 全採用韓國進口護膚品裝潢典雅舒適 環境設施更貼心TONYBLACK 位於尖沙咀加拿芬廣場,鄰近地鐵站,十分方便。店內採用典雅舒適的裝潢,亦透過燈光令空間感大大提升。店主知道客人有時會太早到達店鋪,因此大廳內特別設有沙發位置,並提供不同的茶包給客人飲用,讓客人可提早上來休息並等待療程開始。全球首間TONYMOLY官方授權美容護理中心 全採用韓國進口護膚品TONYBLACK 為全球首間TONYMOLY官方授權的韓式美容護理中心,全採用TONYMOLY韓國進口護膚品,針對不同肌膚問題及需要,配合不同的美容儀器及美容師的煥膚術,改善客人肌膚,重新注入活力。經驗豐富美容師 服務親切手法專業TONYBLACK 擁有一個已受專業培訓的美容師團隊,手法純熟,對每款美容儀器及療程非常了解,亦會主動向客人詳細介紹,並推介最合適的療程,但絕不hard sell任何療程或強逼會員購買套票。此外,店家每星期會加強員工的服務意識 ,秉持「服務專業 顧客為大」的服務宗旨,用親切的笑容及專業的服務,希望顧客能有一次美好的體驗及滿意的笑容。最重要的是店家非常注意衛生,嚴格標準執行衛生規範,包括客人使用物品前後均會消毒,讓人安心又放心。一站式美容按摩服務 讓女士們欲罷不能TONYBLACK 提供一站式美容按摩服務,女士們可在這裡全日享受美麗,放鬆心情!女士們不妨在假日,可到店內先做臉部美容,再去按摩放鬆,最後再做一個脫毛療程,完成後,便有一個全新的自己!甚至完成後,可直接相約閨蜜及另一半到尖沙咀購物吃飯,更可晚上到諾士佛臺飲酒。


Confirmation details

  • You can check the order details in the "Order" of the BookFun App instantly after booking confirmed
  • At the same time, you will receive a confirmation email if you entered the email. It might appear in your Spam folder
  • In the event that you do not receive an email from us or there is no record in App, you can contact us by email ([email protected]) or customer service channel or WhatsApp

How to use

  • Show the Order Number of "Order" in BookFun App
  • Show the Email of the order

Cancel/Change your bookings

  • Shop booking page has listed free cancellation time, you can cancel the appointment in the order details page within the specified time. The used coupon code / B-Dollar / points will be refunded to your account immediately
  • After the expiry of the free cancellation time, the order will not be refunded or changed because the shop has reserved the service for you
  • If the booking paid by credit card, we will notify the payment institution to arrange a refund immediately after the appointment is cancelled. It takes about 5-14 working days for the bank to process the application , the exact amount of money will be refunded to your credit card account directly. You can pay attention to the record of the monthly credit card statement later
  • If Hong Kong Observatory issues typhoon signal No. 8 or above, or black rainstorm warning, a postponement or refund can be arranged
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